XLT: Atlanta


What is XLT Atlanta?

XLT Atlanta is a once a month gathering for the catholic teens of the diocese of Atlanta. Every XLT has powerful and inspiring talks and prayerful Eucharistic adoration accompanied by incredible music.

So often in our lives we feel that no one else believes and that we are all alone in a world that is constantly attacking our faith. This is a night to rise up with hundreds of teens from all over your area and show the world that we still believe! Our goal is to help Life Teen and the Archdiocese to unit the Catholic youth in the Atlanta area. XLT is a free event built with the sole purpose to allow our teens to have the chance to see the faith alive and vibrant in our community.

*We meet at St. Oliver’s and carpool to XLT!  Permission slip is always required for this event.  Permission slip is available on LT Info board.*

2020-21 XLT Dates:  TO BE DETERMINED

For more information on XLT: Atlanta, please visit www.xltatlanta.com.

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