How Can I Help with Life Teen?

  • Core Team: assist and support youth minister in implementing Life Teen program
  • Facilities: help set up and take down for Life Nights
  • Food: assist with Sunday Life Night meal preparation
  • Fundraising: coordinate and/or assist teens with various fundraising opportunities
  • Liturgy: serve and/or help train teens who serve in various liturgical ministries
  • Nursery: provide babysitting for adult core member children during Life Nights
  • Office: help with various office work
  • Outreach: coordinate and/or assist teens in outreach projects
  • Publicity: work with aspects of Life Teen publicity (website, photography, etc)
  • Special Events: assist in planning, preparing and supporting a variety of special events
  • Transportation: coordinate transportation to various events
  • Confirmation Prep Class: facilitate small group Confirmation class (6 week immediate prep) and/or assist with administrative duties

Service Opportunities:

Life Teen is always looking for adult assistance with teen service opportunities. Please check under the ‘Teen’ tab to view these opportunities. Also, please check the church bulletin for other service opportunities.

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