FIAT – Faith In Action Together

Faith In Action Together (F.I.A.T.) –

The St. Oliver Plunkett confirmation service program is called F.I.A.T. (Faith In Action Together).  Mary said YES to Jesus without hesitation and we too must respond to that call in the same loving way Mary did.

God’s mission for us is loud and clear.  You don’t have to be president or pope to make a difference.  Each one of us has the ability to change the world through our everyday actions and attitudes towards others.

You have the chance to make that difference.  The F.I.A.T.s you have to choose from are challenges for you to make that difference for others.  In our call to be disciples of Jesus, we must let our light shine for others.  It is not about how may “hours” we do, but that we can reach out in a loving way to make the world and our parish a better place.  We cannot count our hours because our “hours” are never complete:  we are called to always serve.

Think and prepare carefully for the F.I.A.T.s you choose.

How to choose a FIAT:

  • Read carefully over each option that is presented and see what FIAT appeals to you
  • You must complete 3 FIATs per year:  (1) St. Oliver Parish Community FIAT, (1) Area FIAT, (1) Family FIAT
  • At least TWO FIATS must be turned in by January 9, 2019 (for 1st Year students) and January 16, 2019 (for 2nd Year students).  The remaining FIAT is due by March 13, 2019 (for Year 1 students) and March 20, 2019 (for Year 2 students)
  • You can choose as many FIATs as you want
  • Please check the Life Teen Volunteer Board in the Life Teen room for FIAT sign ups throughout the year
  • When you say “Yes” to a FIAT – Be there because people are counting on you

What are the different types of FIATs?

  1.  St. Oliver Parish Community FIAT:  Must be a project at St. Oliver’s.  You must complete and submit a PARISH COMMUNITY SERVICE FIAT FORM with the required reflection to the Life Teen Office
  2. Area FIAT:  You can choose an Area FIAT from the St. Oliver sponsored Area FIATs or select your own Area FIAT (please check with Lynn or Miranda if you choose a non-sponsored FIAT).  Complete and submit one  AREA FIAT FORM with the required reflection to the Life Teen Office
  3. Family FIAT:  You and your family must participate in a service project together.  You can choose from any St. Oliver sponsored FIAT or your family can select an Area FIAT of your choice.  You must complete and submit a FAMILY FIAT FORM   with the required reflection to the Life Teen Office

FIAT Reflection Forms:




Go Make a Difference in the World!

“As disciples of Jesus, we are called to become neighbors to everyone…and to show special favor to those who are poorest, most alone and most in need.  In helping the hungry, the thirsty, the foreigner, the naked, the sick, the imprisoned-as well as the child in the womb and the old person who is suffering or near death-we have the opportunity to serve Jesus.

John Paul II, Evangelium Vitae, no. 87

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