Life Nights

Life Nights take place on Sundays from 6:00pm – 8:30pm. (Please check the LT calendar or bulletin for Life Night dates)

Just like the Liturgy, the structure of the Life Night is “Gather, Proclaim, Break and Send”.

Gather is a welcoming time for teen introductions, event announcements, hospitality, praise & worship, introducing the topic of the evening and the FOOD.  It’s awesome!  No one goes away hungry!

Proclaim is the teaching done through skits, videos, music, speakers, games and any other creative way we can “dream up” to reach the teens.

Break is usually small group discussion where teens can share openly and listen to the core members and each other.  The teens learn that they are not alone in their questions and struggles about faith, family, relationships and life in general.

Send is a time to “wrap it all up” and summarize the evening in reviewing the teachings and prayer.  A time to give practical applications that everyone can take home and live out.  A time of inspiration…A time to pray.