9/16 Life Teen Update

Happy Wednesday Life Teen families!

Just a few short days till we are reunited…Your Core team is super excited for us to gather again.  Here is your LT Update filled with lots of great info:

Life Teen Welcome Back Gathering:  Sunday, September 20th at 3pm-4:30pm

Welcome back teens….it has been awhile since we have gathered as a community and I am excited to see you all.  We will begin our new school year, get reacquainted and meet our new members.  Here are the details for you:

  1. Check in will be in the church courtyard.  PLEASE CHECK IN PRIOR TO 3pm
  2. A mask is required to enter the church and an usher will seat you.
  3. Teens will be dismissed at 4:30pm and can be picked up in the lower parking lot by the Life Teen entrance if not staying for Mass. 
  4. If you are staying for Mass it is recommended that you REGISTER for the 5pm Life Teen Mass.  You can register online at https://www.stolivers.com/.  Click on MAKE MASS RESERVATION.

Seniors 2021:  We will have our annual Senior Blessing Mass on Sunday, 9/20 at the 5pm Mass.  (same day as our 1st Welcome Back to Life Teen event that I hope you can all attend!).  Please register for this Mass online at:  https://www.stolivers.com/.  Click on MAKE MASS RESERVATION to register for the Mass.  It was planned that we would have an outdoor picnic following the Mass for the Seniors, but due to COVID safety precautions we have postponed the picnic.  I would like to meet with the Seniors for a few minutes following the Mass, so please look for me in the church.

Confirmation Registration:  Any 9th-12 grader that is in need of Baptism, 1st Communion and/or Confirmation must register for our Family Faith Formation program.

As we review the Family Faith Formation registrations, we will contact you via email with the necessary information.  Please remember that Confirmation Preparation is a 2  year program!

  • 1st Year Confirmation Candidates (will be confirmed in 2022)
  • Register for Family Faith Formation (if you have not registered, please email me at youthministry@stolivers.com)
  • Teen should attend House Family event on Sunday, 9/20 from 3pm-4:30pm in the church.  Please wear a mask.
  • We are in the process of finalizing the Year 1 Confirmation Prep.  We will be mailing all 1st Year Candidates and Families an information packet in October. 
  • 2nd Year Confirmation Candidates (will be confirmed on 4/18/21—this is the Confirmation date we have been given by the Archbishop office)
  • Register for Family Faith Formation (please contact me ASAP at youthministry@stolivers.com.  Deadline to register for 2nd year is 9/29/20.)
  • Teen should attend House Family event on Sunday, 9/20 from 3pm-4:30pm in the church.  Please wear a mask.
  • Your 1st monthly Confirmation prep class will be on Wednesday, 9/30 from 7pm-8:30pm.  Teens will meet in the church for the Chosen video and then move to an outdoor space for their small group.  We are asking teens to bring some type of lawn chair (if possible) and bring your mask to wear in church.

Family Faith Formation:  How are the September lessons going?  I encourage you to look at the Enrichment and Challenge activities each week too!

Remember that you need to complete the Touch Base with FACE! form weekly and return that form when you pick up your October FACE! bag. Families will receive an email to notify you when the October FACE! bag is ready for pick up.

St. Oliver’s Life Teen uses Facebook and Instagram to keep everyone in touch with what’s up.  We encourage our Life Teen families to request to join both of these sites.  Facebook is at St. Oliver’s Life Teen and Instagram is solifeteen. 

I can’t wait to see your smiling faces on Sunday!!

In Christ’s service,


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