5/27 Life Teen Weekly Update

Hi Teens and Families!

We have survived the Spring and hope you are all looking forward to Summer 2020!

RETURNING TO MASS INFORMATION:   Check your email for the St. Oliver Mass procedures attachment for you to become acquainted with.  In the document, you can find the link to reserve your Sunday Mass spot. You can also check out the parish website:  www.stolivers.com, parish Facebook page:  St. Oliver Plunkett Catholic Church and our parish app for the most up to date information.

 Life Teen Mass:  Remember…you can view the 5pm Life Teen Mass this Sunday, 5/31 on the St. Oliver Plunkett Snellville YouTube channel.  Check your email for the worship aid attachment that will help you engage in the Mass along with this link (readings and mediation):  https://us.magnificat.net/skin/frontend/default/theme278k/images/site/Celebration_US.pdf

Life Nights:  Life Teen will be taking a break for the next few weeks as we rest and regroup for summer activities.  Our “Deep Dive” Bible Study is tentatively planned to launch on 6/24!  More info on this Bible study will be sent out in a couple of weeks.

Personal Spirituality:   Last week, I encouraged teens and parents with Grow in Your Faith activities (Attend/watch daily Mass and Journaling)  See below for this new idea!

2020 Spring Retreat Payment/Archdiocese of Atlanta Youth Rally Payments:  I am working on the cancelled 2020 Spring retreat payments and the cancelled Youth Rally payments.  I will need an email by 6/1/20 from each family with instructions on what you would like to do with your payment(s).  Here are the options:

  1. If you would like a refund, please email me to let me know that you are requesting a refund.  Please include your home address with the email.
  2. If you would like to transfer the payment(s) to your teen account to hold for future Life Teen events, please email me.  (you can use your teen account for upcoming Life Teen events)
  3. If you would like to donate your Spring Retreat payment and/or your Youth Rally payment to the St. Oliver Life Teen scholarship fund, please email me.  Thank you for your donation and you will receive a charitable donation letter in the mail.

If I do not receive email instructions from families, I will credit your teen account for future Life Teen events.  If you are a 2020 graduate and I do not hear from you that you want a refund, I appreciate your donation to the Life Teen scholarship fund.

2nd Year Confirmation Families: Per the directives from the Archbishop:  “Plans for the resumption of parish Confirmations will be announced when it is deemed acceptable to offer those sacramental gatherings.”  (Seniors who were to be confirmed this year:  We are waiting for an update to see if we can have you confirmed before you leave for college.)


  1. You can also find St. Oliver Parish News at:  www.stolivers.com or on Facebook at:  St. Oliver Plunkett Catholic Church.
  2. Don’t forget to check out St. Oliver Life Teen news at:  www.stoliverslifeteen.com, St. Oliver’s Life Teen Facebook page or on Instagram at solifeteen!  If you need to talk to me, please call my cell.

I continue to pray for you all and I look forward when we can see each other soon!

Much love,



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