4/30 Life Teen Weekly Update

Hi Teens and Families!

Welcome May flowers along with mask wearing and social distancing!  We have a few changes to our schedule, so please make sure you read this update.

LIFE TEEN MASS: I am excited to announce that the parish will begin streaming the 5pm Life Teen Mass this Sunday, May 3rd.  You can view the Life Teen Mass on the St. Oliver Plunkett Snellville YouTube channel.  In the weekly email, I attached a worship aid that will help you engage in the Mass along with this link (readings and meditation):  https://us.magnificat.net/skin/frontend/default/theme278k/images/site/Celebration_US.pdf

Life Nights:   It has been great to see and hear from our teens and to minister to one another during this most difficult time.  With this new opportunity to view our 5pm Life Teen Mass, our Life Night Zoom gatherings will move to Wednesday evenings from 6:30pm-7:30pm.  Below is our schedule for the next week:

  • Sunday, May 3: 
    • Life Teen Mass at 5pm (St. Oliver Plunkett, Snellville YouTube channel)
    • Project YM:  8pm, join thousands of teens for a game, speaker and worship (https://live.projectym.com/).  This Sunday Project YM Live speaker will be the hilarious Chris Padgett and worship leader Sarah Hart! Chris is giving helpful tips about How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse. You REALLY want to tune in. I mean, I hear he will be wearing a cape AND a bear skin fur. Who doesn’t want to see that?
  • Wednesday, May 6:
    • Watch the Life Teen Global Life Night (LFTN.CO/LIFENIGHT) anytime between Sunday at 6pm -Wednesday at 6pm.  This is a replay of the LIVE Life Teen event that we will talk about at our Wednesday Zoom Life Night.  The replay will last 30 minutes.  The speaker for the night, “God in the Pain” is Ennie Hickman and Ricky Vazquez will close the evening in a worship song.
    • St. Oliver Life Teen Zoom Life Night:  6:30pm-7:30pm.  Join us for prayer, praise, discussion and a game!  Check your email for the link or text me for it!

Socially Distant Life Teen Game Night:  We have an awesome Game Night planned on FRIDAY, WEDNESDAY, 5/15 @ 6pm—“SQUAD HOUSE ARREST” AMAZING RACE Game Night!!  Here are a few details:

  • You will need to have at least ONE other member of your family as part of your team.  Your team can have more than 2 members, the requirement is that they must live in your house!  (No age limit for team members)
  • You will need to have a TEAM NAME.  The team name needs to be submitted to me via email (youthministry@stolivers.com) by May 10th!
  • Each team will earn points by solving riddles and completing various tasks (detours and roadblocks).  You can also earn “creative” points.  There will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd place team prizes!
  • You must be able to join our Zoom game link and be able to send texts (some texts may require that you send a video clip).  Zoom game link will be sent out on May 13th with a reminder on the actual game night, May 15th.
  • More information will be given at Zoom Life Night on 5/6 and via next week Life Teen update.

I hope to see lots of teens and family members at our “SQUAD HOUSE ARREST” Amazing Race Game Night!!!

Service Opportunities: Thank you to all who donated nonperishable food items for the Southeast Gwinnett Co-Op.  Our St. Oliver’s St. Vincent DePaul also received $800 in donations that will help families in our community.  I would also like to thank the teens/parents that helped unload the donations!

Prize Question:  first teen to email me the answer (youthministry@stolivers.com) will win a Life Teen prize:  What are the Holy Days of Obligation?

  • Winner of last week update question:  Joshua Z. (What are the Spiritual Works of Mercy: to instruct the ignorant, to counsel the doubtful; to admonish sinners; to bear wrongs patiently; to forgive offences willingly; to comfort the afflicted; to pray for the living and the dead)

You can also find St. Oliver Parish News at:  www.stolivers.com or on Facebook at:  St. Oliver Plunkett Catholic Church.

Don’t forget to check out St. Oliver Life Teen news at:  www.stoliverslifeteen.com, St. Oliver’s Life Teen Facebook page or on Instagram at solifeteen!  If you need to talk to me, please email me at youthministry@stolivers.com.

You all continue to be in my prayers.  I look forward when we can see each other soon!

Much love,


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