Life Teen Weekly Update 4/8/20

Hello All!
Holy Week is here! I know it will be quite a different experience for us all, but the Lord is present wherever we are! You can still pick up a Holy Week packet at the entrance of the Life Teen doors. I encourage you all to do some of these family activities that are included in the packet.

Here is a reminder of the St. Oliver Plunkett Holy Week Triduum schedule: (After today’s 9am Mass, there are no Daily Masses (9am) the rest of this week.) You can find our Masses on YouTube at St. Oliver Plunkett Snellville.

Holy Thursday never has a morning Mass —- the only Mass can be in the Evening, for the Mass of the Lord’s Supper. Tomorrow, Thursday, 4/9 at 7pm and this Mass is bilingual. Lent officially ends with Evening Prayer of Holy Thursday.

Good Friday, recall, is the only day of the entire year, there is NO Mass. So nothing happens in the morning — except private prayer, reflection and ideally, minimal activity. St. Oliver’s offers: The 7 Last Words (3pm in English, 4:30pm in Spanish) and Good Friday Service (5:30pm in Spanish and at 7pm in English).

Holy Saturday also never has any morning liturgy —- only the Easter Vigil, which is set for later that evening at 7:30pm.

SO, no morning Masses on Holy Thursday, Good Friday or Holy Saturday.
YET, Easter Sunday, we celebrate the Resurrection of the Lord (and our newness of life in Him) at 9am (English) and 11am (Spanish) Easter Sunday morning.

Sabbath Sunday: This Sunday, 4/12, Life Teen will offer another Life Night experience. Here are the instructions:
a. On Sunday, 4/12 at 5pm please click on: LFTN.CO/LIFENIGHT. This will take you to the Life Teen YouTube channel, where you can join several thousand teens to see and listen to the teaching for the evening. This teaching (and other stuff) will end at 5:30pm. The scheduled speaker for this Life Night is Father Mike Schmitz! PARENTS: Attached is information from Life Teen to help you talk with your teen about the teaching. I encourage you to have a short discussion with your teen and unpack the teaching together.
b. At 5:45pm, join our St. Oliver Life Teen ZOOM Youth Group meeting for music, game, discussion and prayer. We will end our night at 6:45pm. Check your email for the link or text/email me at
c. Project YM LIVE: This is another teen resource that is available. Click on at 8pm on Sunday, 4/12 and join thousands of teens for this event. Father Agustino Torres is the scheduled speaker for the evening. I hope all our teens and families view this broadcast.

Socially Distant Life Teen Game Night: We had a great 1st Life Teen game night and will be offering another game night on Wednesday 4/15 from 7pm-7:30pm. We will have new games to play and as usual lots of fun.  Check your email for the link or text/email me at

Prize Question: first teen to email me the answer ( will win a Life Teen prize: What is the name of the Mass when our Pastor receives the Holy Oils for the parish from the Archbishop?

Previous Prize Winners: (prizes to be awarded when we are able to meet!)
• Game Night: Isaac Martin (CFA gift card) and Sydney Durkin (Starbucks gift card)
• Kiersten Magathan: correctly identifying the liturgical services during the Triduum (Mass of the Lord’s Supper, Good Friday of the Lord’s Passion, Mass of the Resurrection of the Lord)
• Josh Z: correctly identifying St. Monica in a Life Teen update
• Molly T, Sarah M, Isaac M, Sydney D: Zoom meeting Trivia winners

2nd Year Confirmation Candidates: Just a reminder: We did miss our last preparation session. We have made arrangements for you all to view the last videos on your own. You just need to click HERE and it will take you to the videos. You will click on the “Online Video Access” button for the Chosen: Your Journey Toward Confirmation The ones that you need to watch are Lesson #23 (Segments 1, 2 & 3) and Lesson #24 (Segments 1 & 2).

Any information you need on the parish you can find St. Oliver Parish News at: or on Facebook at: St. Oliver Plunkett Catholic Church.

Don’t forget to check out St. Oliver Life Teen news at: and the St. Oliver’s Life Teen Facebook page or on Instagram at solifeteen! Teens, I know you don’t normally look at FB, but please check out our page daily. Lots of good info and last minute info can always be found there!!

I pray that all of you have a most blessed Holy Triduum and Happy Easter! I look forward to catching up with you all on our ZOOM Life Night!

Much love,


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