Life Teen Weekly Update 3/25/20

Hi All!

I hope this email finds you all doing well!  I just heard that schools are closed till 4/24 and I know that must be frustrating to you guys.  I am sure you want to be hanging out with your friends and enjoying your high school experience.  Know that I am praying for you all!!!

Last week, I sent out an email with lots of info and opportunities for you and your family to take advantage of.  I really encourage our families to take some of this “together time” and use it to grow  your relationship with our most loving and caring Father.

Here are a few updates!! (#1 & #2 are IMPORTANT!!)

Sabbath Sunday:  

Have you viewed our St. Oliver Plunkett online Mass?  Our parish offers you the opportunity for the Sunday Mass on Facebook LIVE at 5:30pm on Saturdays and at 1pm Sundays for the Hispanic Mass.  Daily Mass is also available on Facebook LIVE at 9am.  The St. Oliver Masses are posted on YouTube ( You can also find Masses on TV/YouTube, etc.  (want to see Mass from St. Patrick’s Cathedral in NYC—you can find it!!)


Life Teen will be offering a Global Life Night Experience on Sunday, 3/29 at 5pm. The Experience will be on the Life Teen YouTube channel:  This 4 week series, Anchored, will a live teaching from Emily Wilson Hussem.   Following the speaker, we will have our own digital youth group on Zoom starting at 5:45pm!  Josh Tierra will lead our discussion, along with a game from Julia Hardin and Praise & Worship with Paul Hedges!  We will done around 6:30pm.  Click on this link: to join our virtual group on Sunday.

Movie Monday:  Anybody watch a good movie?  I will give a prize to anyone who watched the 2 movies I mentioned in my last email!  (I will ask you a question or 2 🙂)

Talking Tuesdays:  Anybody create a sacred space in their house/room?  Post a photo of it on our FB account (St. Oliver’s Life Teen) or Instagram (solifeteen)

Word Wednesday:  Anybody crack open the good book?  If so, let us know what inspired you!

Thoughtful Thursday:  Here’s a super idea!  One of our local Senior Living facility is looking for cards/notes/letters for their residents.  What a great way to brighten the day for someone who has not been able to have visitors for quite awhile.  Your cards/notes/letters should be cheerful, easy to read (legible) and feel free to be creative.  When you sign the cards/notes/letters, only sign your first name.  Letters should be addressed to:  My Pen Pal

                         Benton House of Grayson

                         2270 Loganville Hwy.

                        Grayson, GA  30017

Fasting Friday:  I know you must all be feeling that you have sacrificed so much lately, but what a gift we have been offered during this Lenten season.

Saintly Saturday:  How is your journey to sainthood going?  I needed to pray for patience…so who else do I ask to help me?  First teen to email me the answer…gets a prize!  (I can’t get the photo of Saint on this site…so look at your email!)

The Core Team is ready to pray for any special requests that you have.  Please post your requests on our St. Oliver’s Life Teen FB page or email them to me!!  We love you guys and are here for you!!

I hope to see you all at our virtual youth group on Sunday night (check out the links above).  It will be so good to see your smiling faces.

Much love,



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