Life Teen Needs

Hello Life Teen Families!

Life Teen is looking for our families to help us if possible:

  1. Our Life Teen closet is running low on soda.  We would appreciate any donations of 2 liter sodas (any brand!).  You can drop off the soda donations on the back table in the Life Teen room.
  2. We are collecting the following:
    1. TRAVEL SIZE TOILETRIES:  We will use the toiletries to prepare hygiene kits for our brothers and sisters in need during the World Youth Day Rally.  You can drop off the items at the Life Teen office, RE office or the Church office.  DONATIONS NEEDED BY WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 23, 2019!!!
    2. Soda pull tabs:  Grades K-12 will be collecting the pull tabs now thru the end of March.  The class with the most tabs will win a prize!!  You can drop off the tabs in a bag to Life Teen Office marked with the GRADE.

Our church appreciates your donations and thanks you for your support of the young church.  Please keep the World Youth Day Rally in your prayers!!!



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