Mission:Possible #13

Mission Participants…here is the what to bring list for mission!!!


Sleeping Bag or Air Mattress

Clothes—you must dress modestly for the mission.  Some sites have specified what acceptable attire is.  If you cannot wear it to school, don’t wear it at the mission.  All participants must wear a t-shirt (with sleeves) everyday at their worksite.  Please note that some work is labor-intensive (ex:  painting, yard work, heavy cleaning)

Jeans (some sites require LONG PANTS)


Tennis Shoes—must be worn at work sites. 

Flip-Flops (only to be worn at non-work activities)


Head Covering (for sunny outside sites)

Washcloths & Towels


Toothbrush & Toothpaste

Deodorant, shampoo, soap, etc.

Something to carry items in

Camera (optional)

Back Pack/Laundry Basket (you will need to carry your stuff to the shower site)

Work Gloves

Extra $$$ for outside activities (ie:  concessions, souvenirs)

1 box cereal

24 pack water

12 pack variety potato chips

1-12 pack muffins or granola bars

1-12 pack (individually wrapped) cookies, or “Little Debbie” type cakes, etc.

1-10 count juice box drink (any brand)

**this is donation only request:  pair of NEW or almost NEW tennis shoes (any size/boy or girl) for the Soul Project**

Please note:  to help foster relationship-building and for safety reasons, music listening devices are only to be used in the sleeping area and may only be used with headphones.  They are not allowed at the worksites or in vehicles.

 Cellphones are allowed during the mission, but can only be used during designated “free time”.  If you need to get in touch with your teen while he/she is at a work site please contact Lynn at (770)605-7215 or the St. Oliver Main Office at (770)979-2500.

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