10.19 Server Schedule

10.19 Server Schedule

Server Schedule for the 5pm LT Mass on 10/19. Please check in with Lynn Ory in the narthex by 4:45pm. If you cannot serve, please find your replacement and remind your replacement to check in with Lynn.

Please remember to dress appropriately. Remember that shoulders should always be covered. Jeans/Slacks should be neat and tidy. Shirts should be collared or if you wear a tshirt it must be faith based and NEAT (not stretched out). Skirts/Dresses should be of modest length. NO SHORTS, TENNIS SHOES or FLIP FLOPS SHOULD BE WORN WHILE SERVING AT MASS. Remember that we are guests to the Lord’s Supper!

Greeter/Usher: Dana Taylor-Fifield, Jacob Joris, Connor Vizon, Dalton Watford, Ty Williams-Francois

Altar Servers: Fred Williams, Andrew Westbrook

Lector: Marie Hurst (Isaiah 45:1, 4-6), Patty Kratzer (1 Thessalonians 1:1-5b)

EMs (names capped are responsible for cleaning the vessels): BETH RIESCHER, APRIL SMITH, Kathy Thompson, Rachel Thompson, Brenda Vazquez, Russ Riescher, Kristen Schneider, William Schneider, Gwen Strabala, Racheal Milotte

Thank you for serving!

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