7.20 Server Schedule

7.20 Server Schedule

Here is the server schedule for the 5pm LT Mass on 7/20. Please check in with me (Lynn Ory) in the narthex by 4:45pm. If you cannot serve, please find your replacement and remind your replacement to check in with me.

Please remember to dress appropriately. Remember that shoulders should always be covered. Jeans/Slacks should be neat and tidy. Shirts should be collared or if you wear a tshirt it must be faith based and NEAT (not stretched out). Skirts/Dresses should be of modest length. NO SHORTS or FLIP FLOPS SHOULD BE WORN TO MASS. Remember that we are guests to the Lord’s Supper!

Greeter/Usher: Emma Alexander, Jeremy Brain, Joey Brain, Ethan Buck, Alex Carley

Altar Servers: Keaton Cown, Andrew Mappes

Lector: Nancy Brain (Wisdom 12:13, 16-19), Kasey Copeland (Romans 8:26-27)

EMs: ANNE ADAIR, JEFF ASHE, Beth Begley, Kenzie Cown, Craig Cown, Tabatha Cown, Amy Hardin, Angel Head, Marie Hurst, Susan Jacobs (names capped are responsible for cleaning the vessels)

Thank you for serving!

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