01.12 Server Schedule

01.12 Server Schedule

Server Schedule for the 5pm LT Mass on Sunday, 01.12. Please check in with Stephen Miller in the narthex by 4:45pm. If you cannot serve, please find your replacement and remind your sub to check in with Stephen. Please be prompt!

Just as a reminder that if you are serving at Mass, please dress appropriately. Remember we are invited to a banquet with Jesus!

Greeters/Ushers: Ryan Carriere – Riley Eck – Anna Eck – Victoria Hendry – Jacob Joris

*Please make sure that you are prompt and start welcoming parishioners by the entrance doors.

Altar Servers: Timothy McElveen – Madison Campbell – Kayden Campbell

Lectors: Kasey Copeland (Isaiah 42:1-6) – Robert Hardin (Acts 10:34-38)

*Please make sure that you prepare and practice the readings before Mass. If you cannot Lector, please find your sub as soon as possible so that your replacement has time to prepare.

EMs (Names in all Caps are responsible for cleaning the vessels): SUSAN JACOBS – CATHY JOHNSON – Erin Jones – Patty Kratzer – Samantha McDaniel – Paul Miller – Tammi Miller – Racheal Milotte – Josh Proctor – Kevin Velasquez

*Please make sure that you approach as close to the center of the altar and bow, then proceed to the credence table for hand sanitizer.

Thank you for serving!

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