01.05 – Server Schedule

01.05 – Server Schedule

Server Schedule for the 5pm Life Teen Mass on Sunday, 01.05.  Please check in with Lynn by 4:45pm in the narthex.  If you cannot serve, please find your replacement and remind your sub to check in with me.

Greeter/Usher:  Kami Adair – Victoria Alamina – Emma Alexander – Tyler Ashe – Alex Carley

Altar Server:  Andrew Mappes – Kenneth O’Hara

Lector:  Alex Boulware (Isaiah 60:1-6) – Matt Carley (Ephesians 3:2-3a, 5-6)

EM (Names in all caps are responsible for cleaning the vessels):  BETH BEGLEY – JEREMY BRAIN – Ethan Buck – Kenzie Cown – Tabatha Cown – Megan Fromme – Angel Head – Marie Hurst – Sabrina Hurst – Sydney Hurst

Thanks for serving!

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